Peek inside a class and you will find the children wiping away dragon sneeze with feathers, or moving like wolves.  They may be creating art in a magic circle or reaching up like trees.   The classes are playful, creative and full of magic, as this is how children best learn life-skills and life-tools.


We aim to assist the children to integrate their inamojo experience into daily life, so they have tools and knowledge to help them grow.


Classes have 5-7 children and are supervised by two adults, both having successfully passed comprehensive background checks. 

The story of Naga: themes


Class 1:  Introduction to Naga

Class 2:  Learning to trust instincts

Class 3:  Learning to manage emotions

Class 4:  Self-confidence and self-esteem

Class 5:  Compassion and kindness

Class 6:  Speaking our truth

Class 7:  Imagination and dreams

Class 8:  Self-awareness

Class 9:  Integration and celebration

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