How do I express how grateful I am for reflexology?  When I first started reflexology I was amazed how relaxing it was and what a great stress reliever. In October of this last year, I woke up one morning with no voice. I assumed it must be a cold or allergies and continued on with work. It was difficult to "croak" to patients so I took off work to allow my voice to rest for a week. Well, it was still bad the next week, but I had to work. I also saw my medical doctor who gave me antibiotics and nasal spray that did nothing for me. They then tried another type of antibiotic even though I had no temperature, no sore throat, just laryngitis. After another week, he referred my to a ENT specialist who stated I had no throat cancer or nodules but he had no idea what was wrong. I posted on face book my woes, and Barb saw this and asked if I wanted to try reflexology for my voice.  I thought ok, why not, but very skeptical. The next day my voice returned, I was floored as were my coworkers and doctors I work with.  Unfortunately it only lasted a couple of days.  We did another session and the next day my voice was back and better yet, it has not left me again!  Reflexology is amazing and I'm convinced that before trying medications, try reflexology first!  I don't understand completely how this works, but all I know is that is does!!


Thank you for making my body so happy. 


P.S.  Helps restless leg and headaches too!



Bonnie  - Lifetime believer

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